Why Are Women Obsessed With Shoes?

Posted Tuesday April 14, 2015 by Gaylord Hansen Shoes Blogging Team

Why Are Women Obsessed With Shoes?

The Women Shoe Obsession Explained 

It is no surprise that women love fashion, and shoe fashion in particular. However, have you ever wondered why women are obsessed with shoes? When it comes to women and shoes, you may be able to find all the answers in a recently released film, God Save my Shoes. With over 60 percent of the $40 billion shoes purchased each year in the United States being women’s shoes, it is clear that that an obsession is present.

This film not only explains and answers many questions regarding a women’s shoe obsession, but it also looks into the shoe collections of many celebrities, such as Kelly Rowland, Fergie, and poker player, Beth Shak.

  • Director, Julie Benasra got the idea from the producer, who experienced a revelation regarding women’s shoe obsession while filming a documentary on the history of sneakers. Since a man’s sneaker obsession is only a small niche, he worked off the idea that nearly 90 percent of women have an obsession with shoes.
  • When asked if Julie was worried about making women look materialistic through this film, she honestly admitted that it was part of the struggle. She found that it was easy to stay away from this stereotype because of the pop culture aspects, the sociological aspects, and the psychological aspects.
  • Many wonder why so many shoe designers are men, and Julie’s answer brings an eye opening realization to the table. The majority of clothing designers are men as well. This may be due to historic roots of shoemaking.

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