How Much Do You Know About Shoes?

Posted Wednesday May 13, 2015 by Gaylord Hansen Shoes Blogging Team

How Much Do You Know About Shoes?

Fun Shoe Facts

Shoes are part of daily life! Whether you are lacing them up, or squeezing your foot into your favorite pair of heels, putting your shoes on is part of your daily routine. However, do you really know that much about shoes? Keep these fun shoe facts in mind to impress all of your friends.

  • Men wore heels first – men who rode horses in the 10th century needed their boots to have heels to help them stay in the stirrups. Since owning a horse was a sign of wealth, heels started to become a signifier of high social standing and aristocracy, not gender.
  • Greek actors wore platform shoes to signify status – costumes were essential to help audiences identify characters in Ancient Greek plays. Tragic actors wore “buskins” which were raised platform shoes to help signify their superiority over comic actors, who would only wear socks.
  • Louboutins’s red soles are inspired by an Andy Warhol drawing – in 1993, Louboutin wanted to make a shoe that was inspired by Warhol’s “Flowers” drawing. However, when the prototype arrived, he still thought that the drawing was stronger. When he saw an assistant painting her nails bright red, he took the nail polish and started to paint the soles of the shoes.
  • Havaianas are inspired by Japanese sandals – the iconic flip flop is not smooth on the sole because it was inspired by the Zori who have rice straw soles, which is why the sole of the sandal is a textured rice pattern.

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